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Connecting to, and using, the Voicemail Service:
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Voicemail Service:

Connecting to the Voicemail Service:

  1. To start using the Voicemail Service, press the envelope key on the keypad or dial *98 to get connected. To hear any of the Operator options again at any point, press *4 on your keypad.
  2. Once connected, the Operator will request you enter your extension number followed by the # key (For example : 2300#).
  3. After entering your extension, the Operator will then request your password followed again by the # key; if this is your first time using the service, or you do not have a password set for the Voicemail Service, press the # key a second time.
    1. If you do not have a password already set, pressing the # key a second time will cause the Operator to request that you input and confirm a new password followed by the # key (For example: 12345#).
    2. Once your password has been set and confirmed, the Operator will next request that you record your name for identification. You can do this by pressing Keypad 1, speaking your personal name (or department name) after the tone, and then pressing Keypad 1 again to stop recording. Your recording will be played back to you, and once you are happy with it, you can press the # key to confirm it.
  4. The Operator will then present you with a set of options to choose from.

To Receive Messages:

  1. When presented with a list of options as mentioned in Step 4 of “Connecting to the Voicemail Server”, pressing Keypad 2 will allow you to receive, and respond to, any Voicemail messages in your inbox. The keypad options for this menu are:

Keypad 0: to listen to messages,

Keypad 1: after listening to a message to either respond to or forward the message,

Keypad *3: to delete the current message,

Keypad #: to skip the current message.

Keypad *7: to return to the activites menu

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