Interactive Whiteboard Troubleshooting guide
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Interactive Whiteboard Troubleshooting Guide





This guide is intended to help find often simple problems with your whiteboard when things don’t work correctly. This will enable you to resume teaching your lesson as quickly as possible. This guide also assumes you have completed the initial plugging in and switching on.(see other document)






No picture is displayed on the whiteboard



Check you have connected the cables as initial plugging in switching on phase.


Ensure that the projector has the correct input selected. To do this if you have a remote control push the button labelled computer (same applies on video only you push the video button) if you don’t have a remote control push the input button on your projector until the correct input is selected.





If you still have no picture follow the instructions given in the following guide.





For Dell 505 & Acer laptops:



Right click on the desktop

Select “graphics options” from the menu

Select “output to” from the new menu

Select “Intel dual display clone” from the new menu

Select “Notebook and monitor” from the new menu














 For Dell C640 & D600, Sony and Toshiba:



Right click on the desktop and select “properties”

The display properties window will open.

      Select the “settings” tab (DO NOT click on the pictures of screens labelled 1 & 2)

Select the “advanced” tab toward the bottom of the window.


This will open a new window select the “displays” tab

You should (if you have connected your projector) now see a panel with a laptop in the middle a monitor to the left and a TV to the right. There is a coloured on off button above each item.


Click the on button above the monitor

You should now have a picture on both your laptop and the projector

Windows will have informed you that you have changed your display settings and would you like to keep them. Say yes to this.






For SiS 630 based laptops (Rock)


The steps are the same as above except in the displays menu you should un tick the “auto” box and select “mirror” mode.







You have picture on the whiteboard but the interactive pen is not working


Check you have completed the initial plugging in stage correctly.


In the bottom right of the screen on the taskbar (by the clock) expand the arrow to view all the items running. There will be a board with AV on it. If this DOES NOT have a red cross on it move on to the DRIVER troubleshooting section.



If the board does have a cross right click on it and select “configure” (note that you can also calibrate your pen from this menu).










This will pop up the “active driver control” box. On the first drop down box make sure “search” is selected on the second make sure that “automatic start” is selected when these options are correct push the button labelled “start” this will a temp to start the active driver.












 If it is successful the status will go from “not running” to “running”.

At this point if it is now running select ok and continue with your lesson.



 If not move on to the DRIVER troubleshooting section.







Driver Troubleshooting



If you have followed the above steps and are still having problems please do the following.


Right click on the “My Computer” icon on your desktop

Select “properties” this will open the system properties box

Select the hardware tab and then

Select the “device manager” tab this will open the device manager snap in.






Looking down the list you notice devices that are part of the computer

At this stage you should see a device called “Human Interface Device” or “HID” this should be quite clearly be marked with a YELLOW exclamation mark. If this is not the case please contact ICT support (you have a more advanced/unusual problem).









Right click the “HID” device and select “update driver” from the new menu.

This will open the update driver wizard.


On the first screen of the wizard it will ask you if you would like to connect to     the internet to find drivers for your device select “no, not at this time” and click “next”.


On the next screen select “install from list or specific location (advanced)”    and click “next”.


On the next screen select “don’t search, I will choose the driver to install” and click next.


The next screen will offer you a list of items to install; there should be two, the “HID” and “active board”.

            Select “active board” and click next.


Windows will begin copying files to your computer and setting up the driver.

During this process you will be warned that the driver you are installing is not “digitally signed” select “continue anyway”.












When it has finished the board in the taskbar should not have a cross on it.


If you have active studio running, close in down and reopen it you should now find that its all working.


If it still not working or for some reason you cannot follow these steps exactly please contact ICT support.









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